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“I have known and worked in partnership with Sharon Cohen for over 5 years. Sharon has incredible energy and passion and gives everything she does 150%.

Sharon and I worked together in developing the Stowe Centre in North Westminster. The Stowe Centre is recognised to be one of the best youth and community facilities available to young people and is visited by Youth Services from all over the country. The success of the building - its design and high standard - is due to Sharon's dedication and attention to details throughout all the stages of the design and build of the centre.

Sharon has a fantastic eye for detail, combined with strong project management expertise which enabled her to lead a complex Youth Service in Westminster. Sharon was employed by the City Council following a very poor Ofsted inspection of its Youth Service. With her boundless energy and commitment to quality provision, Sharon led the service to the point where it received a very positive inspection in 2007 including recognition for the strength of its partnership with the voluntary sector and high level of accreditations being received by young people.”

Jackie Rosenberg Deputy Chief Executive Paddington Development Trust

“Thank you very much for your patience and expertise as a consultant and trainer in facilitating our management group which is by no means an easy feat.

With your direction and skills we were focused on the task in hand and agreed the way forward for our service.

An excellent result for us, one which you must take the credit for;

“Sharon Cohen came to Westminster when our Youth Service needed a complete overhaul and that is exactly what she gave it, turning it into a service we are proud of. She brought determination, enthusiasm, energy and passion to her role, gaining the respect of Council Members and Officers alike.

She developed our Connexions Service which was judged excellent by Ofsted when it was inspected as part of the Central London Partnership. The service is known for its creativity and positive outcomes for young people. It is a service young people truly value. Sharon also managed our Play Centre Service and, for a time our Sports Unit, bringing the same focus on results to her work.

Sharon was also instrumental in supporting many of the Council’s major outdoor events such as West End Live in Leicester Square. Sharon would always be instrumental in its success and at each event she would design something creative for young people, such as bringing Strictly Come Dancing contestants to Leicester Square to teach young people to dance, or getting young people (and those not so young such as the Earl & Countess of Wessex) D.J.-ing in Berkeley Square at our Fayre in the Square event to celebrate The Queens Golden Jubilee.

Through her work Sharon ensured that young people’s voices and views were heard across the council. She changed the way we engaged with young people and through Sharon’s initiative we included them in the delivery of their own services.

In particular, the work she did when designing Stowe Youth Club has given Westminster a durable legacy of her creativity and determination to have top quality services for young people.

I have great respect for Sharon and know that she is highly regarded by many of her colleagues (and by Councillors) as well as by all of the young people she worked with over many years. I would like to thank Sharon for all of the support and help she has given me over the years and to say how much wonderful work I think she has done for Westminster and for the young people of our city.”

Councillor Robert Davis Deputy Leader Westminster City Council