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360° Feedback

360 degree, 360° feedback, and 360 feedback, are all names for a performance appraisal system that gathers feedback on an individual from a number of sources.

Usually the individual themselves, their manager, some of their peers and direct reports and customers/stakeholders give feedback on the individual’s performance. This is compiled into a report and we then have a coaching/feedback session with the individual to help them understand the report, identify areas for development and make an implementation plan.

This helps the individual understand how others see their strengths and areas for development, how this compares to their own perception and what the need to do to make a difference.

The 360° process can be repeated a year later to identify the progress made against the plan.

Some people find coaching beneficial as support to implement their 360 plan.

“The 360 report was very detailed and gave me a real insight into how others see me.

The one-to-one with Sharon was incredible – she seemed to know me better than I did, and really challenged me to own the feedback and do something positive with it.

I left the session with an achievable action plan, which I put into practice.

I can see the positive effects in my work, and the staff I manage say I have really taken on board what they said and I’m a much better manager as a result.

Thank you Sharon”

360° feedback recipient