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Action Learning

Action Learning is a collaborative learning method where a small group of learners (an ‘action learning set’) meet regularly to reflect on real work issues and find ways forward.

It is based on a belief that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem to solve.

Action learning can enhance the way in which people learn, drawing on actual practice, and using the experience of members working together to apply new ideas to each members’ role.

Its effectiveness can be measured through the changes made to their work and working environment, and the positive results they achieve.

We can offer training courses for Action Learning Set facilitators to enable you to run sets in-house and we can facilitate Action Learning Sets.

“I liked the way in which we started in a very open manner without pre- conceived ideas of direction. Once this phase was completed it was helpful to draw in more specific ideas for discussion. I have become clearer in my own mind about what service changes I wish to make and why. I would recommend it to others. I know that I benefitted from it as I still think about the ideas and debates we had.”

Action Learning Set Participant